ioLiberum Law Firm, P.C. Launches Subscription Based Law Firm in Rhode Island Dedicated to Helping Small Business Conduct Business Online 


ioLiberum Law Firm, P.C. 
123 N. Main Street, Suite 305 
Providence, RI 02903 
(401) 555-1212 

Providence, RI (May 1, 2023) – ioLiberum (i-o-LEE-brum) Law Firm, P.C., a modern law firm dedicated to helping small businesses conduct business online, today announced its launch in Rhode Island. 

“ioLiberum means digital freedom and this law firm will provide comprehensive support, services, and advisement to allow our clients unparalleled freedom while they build or grow their online business,” said firm co-founder and attorney, Nicholas Matlach. “We have a deep understanding of the complex legal issues facing small businesses as they navigate their online journey through a rapidly evolving legal landscape, and we are driven to fuel our client’s success along that journey.” 

ioLiberum is a subscription model law firm built from the ground up to support client growth. Bucking the traditional hourly billing model, it will offer subscription services that begin with a detailed discovery process for each client, and include unmetered interactions, unlimited document generation, and premium legal services to businesses at all stages of development. This allows clients limitless freedom to access legal services and advice, for a predictable cost and outstanding value. 

“We begin each client relationship by understanding what keeps you up at night,” says Matlach, “and then we go steps further to solve the problems that will keep you up a month from now.” 

“We understand that Internet law is a critical concern for businesses of all sizes,” said firm co-founder and General Manager, Evelynn Glausman. “We are here to help even the smallest businesses protect their interests today and clear their path toward tomorrow.” 

ioLiberum is headquartered in Rhode Island with plans to expand to Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

About ioLiberum Law Firm, P.C. 

ioLiberum Law Firm, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to helping small businesses safely navigate their online journey. The firm offers a wide range of services in the areas of online privacy, e-commerce, social media, Internet defamation, Internet fraud, and Trademark infringement, and cybersecurity breach and response. ioLiberum Law Firm is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. 

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